Praying Over Your Finances

Is it true that God is vitally concerned with our finances? If so, is it appropriate that we pray for guidance from the Lord concerning our financial condition?

Yes, and a thousand times yes! Please note that in the New Testament, one out of every six verses and one-half of all parables deal with the subject of stewardship and management. If so much space in God’s Word is devoted to this type subject, then it becomes apparent that God is vitally concerned with your financial needs.

When you take into consideration that in our society today, over one-half of all families have financial problems today, then you have to believe that the Lord is desirous to help individuals. There are more scriptures that deal with a person’s management of their life (finances included) than there are about receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost or going to heaven. With this in mind, you can detect the desire of God to assist us in our day to day lifestyle. God is concerned about our day-to-day activities and he wants us to be blessed in all we do.

Prayer is a key to every facet of life. Praying over your finances is as important as praying at a meal. Praying for God’s wisdom to guide you and praying for His blessing on your life is essential. The God you serve owns the cattle on a thousand hills, heaven is his throne, the earth his footstool…and you are His child. Asking Him to help you with your financial position in life is necessary because His wisdom is far greater than any you or I can offer.

We are the children of the King, and it is the ‘Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom. The Lord is watching over you to bless you, but you need to understand that His wisdom and His direction is far greater than what you have and if we can attain His help, then we are blessed beyond measure.

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